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It may be cold outside, but our Yorkshire countryside makes for excellent exploring, whatever the weather, so this Season, wrap up warm and enjoy some wonderful Winter walks!

We recently enjoyed a trip to Malham Cove for the first time and how breathtaking it was!

Roughly just under an hour in the car from Harrogate, Malham Cove is situated in the village of Malham, 13 miles North of Skipton.

On arriving in Malham, we headed straight for The Lister Arms, a lovely Country Inn pub at the foot of the road leading upto the Cove.

We’ve heard and seen lots on the Lister Arms via social media and always promised we’d come and visit one day, as it looks so inviting with their cosy log fires and homemade food!

As we tucked into our hearty Fish and Chips and Burger, we weren’t disappointed. The food was delicious and freshly prepared to order and it set us up perfectly for a nice walk.

After washing it down with a refreshing Gin & Elderflower Tonic, we made our way upto the Cove, after putting on a couple more extra layers of fleeces and coats to keep the late afternoon chill at bay!

The pub is very well situated for walkers wanting to visit the Cove, as we merely had to cross a footbridge out of the pub car park and turn right and walk roughly 1 mile up Cove Road.

About halfway up this road on the right is the National Trust Town Head Barn.

The Barn was opened in Malham village in 1997 and shows the interior of a traditional Dales barn with an exhibition on farming practices through the years related to the Dales.
It is open daily in Summer except Mondays, and Sundays only in Winter.

There is lots of information in here too on not only the Barn and Malham Cove, but surrounding areas and other points of interest too!

We continued up the road until we came to some signs and a gate that would lead us up the footpath towards the Cove itself.

The views were absolutely awe-inspiring as we headed along the footpath, drawing ever closer to the Cove itself.

We were very excited, as something you may or may not know is that some of Harry Potter was actually filmed here! It takes place mainly along the tops where there is a large area of deeply eroded limestone pavement, in such a strange pattern they say rarely found in England, which must have attracted the makers of the film to this glorious place!

There was also some stunning craftsmenship in the form of dry stone wall as far as the eye could see!

As we approached the Cove it became more and more impressive and imposing and it is a real wonder to see in all it’s limestone glory!
It’s easy to imagine the water once cascading down all those years ago when it was once a waterfall and I find it quite bizarre and truly fascinating how it is today.

The large, curved feature was formed by a waterfall carrying meltwater from glaciers at the end of the last Ice Age more than 12,000 years ago, but there is still a slight trickle and drips here and there at the base of the cove itself, but further out it’s hard to believe there’s a fully flowing stream!

The acoustics were great in the heart of the Cove, so if you’re a singer, may we recommend your new rehearsal space! We may only be half joking, but we certainly found it a very creative and thought provoking, peaceful spot, which we will definitely be returning to very soon!