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The Whitby Regatta is most likely the oldest Sea Regatta on the North East Coast in England and this year saw Whitby welcome the 177th Regatta to it’s picture-perfect shores once more!

We headed across on the Sunday with friends, with two small children in tow, so were looking forward to a fun filled, family day out and we weren’t disappointed, as there was something for all ages, at this long established traditional event.

Arriving early afternoon, we parked up near West Cliff and headed down to the activities.
The coastline was adorned with children’s entertainment, rides and fairground stalls along the top of West Cliff and unsurprisingly our little people headed straight for these, so we split from our friends whilst the kiddies had some fun.
A little further along we found Tuby’s Vintage Commercial Vehicles, before making our way over to Spa Green.

Here we found a “Spit & Polish” Classic Car Rally along with the White Rose Capri Club, with cars covering all the Capri range from Mk1 to Mk3.
There were prizes awarded too for the best ‘Original Vehicle’ and the best ‘Restored Vehicle’ along with the entrant’s choice for ‘The Car They Would Most Like To Take Home’
Here’s just a few of the Classic Cars we saw!

Nearby, we caught a glimpse of the RPM Bike Trials that were happening around the Royal Crescent. The trials demonstrated some fabulous tricks and stunts, featuring feats of balance, control and daring as the pro stunt team performed and entertained throughout the day!

On we went, taking in some wonderful Arts & Craft Stalls amongst the Regatta Market on the Archery Green; “A whole area dedicated to local traders and craft stalls housed in marquees with some al fresco stalls too” and of course stopping to purchase some little trinkets from the delightful Rosie Meadows – Pop-Up Shop & Vintage Tea Room!

Their tent was in a prime location on the edge of West Cliff, facing towards the great man himself, Captain James Cook!
The 7ft 6 inch high, bronze statue was presented to Whitby in 1912 and has stood proudly observing over the bay of West Cliff ever since, although we don’t think he was intended to wear a Seagull for a hat, as captured in this picture!

Captain Cook, born James Cook on 7th November in 1728, moved to Whitby in 1746, becoming apprentice to John Walker. When Cook was not at Sea, this is where he resided and today, the house is now the Captain Cook Memorial Museum.

The smell of sea air and much talk of fishing had reminded us to take a break for lunch, so we re-grouped with our friends down in the Fisherman’s Wife Cafe on Harbourside, before being dragged away to the amusements by the littlies to work off our lunch with some arcade filled fun!

When we were all 2p machine’d out, we headed over to the harbour opposite Fish Pier to take in some of the boat racing, as after all, that was what this great event was first and foremost all about.

The great sportsmanships and competitiveness and the wonderful Whitby community spirit were all out in force and the atmosphere was pretty electric down by the harbour, as we had arrived just as the last Mens race was coming in!

It was plain to see how much the Regatta and the sport of rowing itself had inspired this fishing resort in absolute abundance and it was a pleasure and honour to be a part of, popping our proverbial Regatta cherry as first timers to this sensational Sailing event!

Our trip wouldn’t be complete without a voyage on the high seas, well a mini one at least!
We boarded the Bark Endeavor, a smaller scale replica ship of Captain Cook’s Endeavor and set sail out of Whitby harbour on a half hour trip, taking in the stunning scenery and beautiful coastline.
We also learned some interesting history and facts on Captain Cook and his Ship and some sea shanties too, but alas, no rum, arrrr!

As afternoon turned to evening, we headed back up to West Cliff where the big kids, AKA the adults had a go on the swings and the children enjoyed Zorbing in large paddling pools. Not at the same time I might add, please always play responsibly!

We even managed to come across some sort of Morris Dancing Tournament happening along West Cliff on our way back to the car.
Now this was thoroughly entertaining, not only because of the Morris Dancing, but mainly because we, along with other definite tourists on our side of the bank, didn’t have a clue what was happening!
A Gentleman involved came over and explained it all and it sounded a hoot and looked like lots of fun!

Each team were completing their routine simultaneously at four corners of a grassy area on the promenade side of West Cliff.
Throughout the routine, team members were not allowed to lose physical contact with one another. During the process, one member would swap out of each team and go into the centre of the “pitch” where they had to eat something (we couldn’t see clearly, but guessed it was something spicy or unpleasant, much like a bushtucker trial, but perhaps not as gruesome!) until it was all gone from their mouthes, then they could return to their team and the next member swap out and so on, so it was a race to the finish as this intriguingly bonkers game played out!
Quite a spectacle, which I must say, left me coming away wanting to try my hand at Morris Dancing!

En route back to the car we spotted this lovely little memorial community project…

…and a selfie with a Bee! #BeeHappyWhitby

No trip to Whitby would be complete without a visit to one of our favourite Fish & Chip Shops and this time we opted for Trenchers.
After moving the car a bit nearer towards town and taking a short stroll back across the Swing Bridge, we’d certainly worked up an appetite at the Regatta.
It was a lovely evening as we walked along the waterside towards the restaurant and you could certainly smell the freshly caught fish in the air, as we passed all the fishing baskets on the waters’ edge.

We were served promptly after being seated and ordering, as we were just in time for last orders and were delighted to be greeted by a rather large, but very yummy looking piece of fish and chips, along with the sides and extras we’d ordered, it was a feast fit for a King and Queen and the perfect end to a perfect day!

Whitby Regatta dates for your diary next year are: 11th, 12th & 13th August 2018

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Finally, we’ll leave you with this stunning photo of the Firework display over Whitby Abbey on Monday night, courtesy of Laurie Smithie. Check out her stunning website for this and more!