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A friend and colleague recently completed Tough Mudder and here’s his summary of the day!

Tough Mudder was so much fun, it starts off in the warm up area where they get you doing all sorts of interesting things to get you warmed up before heading out to the course.
They had us lying on the floor rolling around, spinning around in circles then sprinting across the warm up zone, star jumps and running on the spot.

From there we ran along the course for about half a mile until we came across the first obstacle, unfortunately the spectators dont get to see all the obstacles so there aren’t as many pics as I would have liked. The first obstacle was climbing over several hay bales, easy enough.

After that we ran another half a mile and were faced with angled walls that we had to get over, thanks to my gym I was able to pull myself up and get my head over but didnt have the strength to get my body over, thanks to a helping hand from my team below I got to the top and then helped pull up the rest of my team.

We then ran on and got to mud mile, we had to leopard crawl through mud with barbed wire not too far above our back, we had to keep low and go for it, slightly challenging but so much fun.

The next obstacle was several even higher walls to get over, thanks to teamwork we all got over apart from my brother in law lol, he is just too heavy.

The next obstacle was crawling through a pipe, that was easy enough.

The next obstacle was a bit of a challenge, I cant remember what it was called but it was pits of muddy water about waste deep, there were five of them one after the other, we had to somehow climb out the mud up a near vertical wall of mud to get over the top, slide down the other side and repeat until we got out the other end, I think that was my favourite one of the day, my sister and I got through it quickly.

The next was crawling under a net against the floor and climbing over a hay bale all covered in the net, the team helped a lot here holding the net up making it easier

Then it was the pyramid, my sister and I got there, the rest of the team were making a pyramid trying to get over, they were struggling, so my sister made an on the spot decision to run up it! She made it up and over on the second attempt, I made it up and over on the first attempt, it was a tad too easy, then from the top we helped the rest of the team up.

After that was block ness monster, I loved that 1 as well, about chest deep water with massive rotating blocks you can just reach the top of, you need to somehow get over them, there were four in a row.

Then onto the last one, phew, Everest! My mission for next time is to make it over that, I did four attempts, sprinting up managing to grab the people on top’s hands, but my hands were wet and slippery and I just slipped out and went sliding straight back down. My sister was the only one in my team to actually make it over. Several girls face planted that wall and one was escorted past by the medics, her nose was crooked and bleeding!

All in all though, it was so much fun and I am so looking forward to doing it again!