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Harrogate Flower Show is enjoyed bi-annually by garden lovers around the globe!

This year we were lucky enough to visit the Spring show on St. George’s Day!
The weather had been glorious, with some lovely Spring sunshine, right up until we arrived, sod’s law of course, but it wasn’t going to dampen our spirits!

We entered the Yorkshire showground and were immediately greeted with a strong crowd of show-goers and to our delight, one of our favourite craft stalls was positioned just inside the entrance/exit too!

They’re called “Earth Born” and our house looks a lot like their stall, as we regularly buy from them at the Flower Shows in Harrogate each year!
They hand craft so many different quirky things for the home and garden, including our favourites, the tree men!
We love getting gifts for Christmas from here too and decided to purchase some wares there and then before they depleted in stock, as they’re such a popular stall!
We had fun chatting to Hannah, one of the owners, who kindly offered to keep all of our purchases until the end of the show, where we could collect them on our departure.

We continued up into the Showground, where this time it was slightly different, as they are building a new Events Hall on the right hand side just inside the main entrance.
Along the left hand side, was a temporary undercover structure which housed many plant, seed and herb stalls. We were casually swept along with the thick-flowing crowd, until it opened out into the sort of square of the showground that the Flower Show is based around.

We perused a few of the outdoor stalls, before heading indoors to Hall 2.
In here, there was all sorts, from kitchen demos to gardening tools, weaving displays to the bee keeping society, this Hall had it all!
Right at the back we spotted some of our online friends, “Urban Herbs”, who regularly exhibit at the Flower Show and stay at The Kimberley Hotel.
It was fab to meet Andy and we had a great natter and it was brilliant to see how well they’d done with their herbs at the show.
He kindly donated some herbs for the hotel and we shall look forward to using some of these in cocktails and food recipes alike, e.g strawberry/pineapple mint for a twist on a Mojito!

Whilst in Hall 2, we took advantage of the Yorkshire Cafe and took a well earned break for a nice lunch.
At a nice price too, they’re defintely catering to a captive audience.
This is my only criticism of the show, that there are no discounts for OAPs on tickets and food/drink prices are very high. Take plenty of cash!

After refuelling, we continued wandering around the show. We came across the Rydale clothing stall to our rapture and had a good gander here, as we love thier clothing. I bought some pink welly toppers for festival season!

Continuing down the hill, we headed for “The Avenue”; an inspirational section of various gardens with differing concepts.
We really enjoy seeing what everyone has come up with and this was also another chance to meet another lady we network with on social media, named Lorna.
She had won Gold for “George’s Garden”; a concept by her and her team – “Yorkshire Garden Designs”, bringing colours, light and sounds to life in her stunning Sensory Garden, which will be permanently homed in Killinghall, now that the Flower Show is over.
We really enjoyed meeting and chatting to Lorna and her husband and also got to meet George and his little brother too!

Following the footpath up to one of the other Halls, I could see Winnie the Pooh and the Queen of Hearts up in the distance and thought, how curious!
I had to take a further look after having an Alice in Wonnderland themed birthday party earlier this year!

It was a fabulous exhibition from “Robert James” with bronze cast and pewter statues of a whole array of characters from Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, Wind in the Willows and more! They even had handmade jewellery to gaze at too.
We chatted to the owners for a short while, then proceeded indoors for a coffee and to warm up, as our fingers were becoming numb from the bitter chill in the Spring air.

I was now in a huge exhibiton hall which housed a variety of displays of plants and flowers, with fascinating colours and fabulous scents, providing a treat for the senses.
This year there was a theme of “Rio 2016” in prepartion for the forthcoming Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, so the carnival had definitely come to Harrogate, with ostentatious and flamboyant displays galore!
There was certainly lots to look at in this Hall and we made our way round, taking it all in, getting photos and having a general nosy at it all!
So much effort had gone in to every single exhibit. There were some absolutely cracking and highly innovative displays to feast your eyes on and we’d like to wish a very well done to everyone who took part.

Time had gone nowhere and there was now just under an hour left of the show! We made our way into the next marquees that housed food and craft goodies.
As previously mentioned, I adore the craft stalls at these shows and was delighted to see some familiar faces that I bought from at the Autumn show!
Had a great catch up with several folk. One I’d remembered from last time, his friend was minding his stall in Autumn as his wife had gone into labour, he remembered it well and told me I’d just missed the baby as they’d been in for a visit that day! His stall has handmade jewellery from old sixpences and three penny bits and I bought some smiley face earrings (the face is carved out of the sixpence, very clever!).
Another chap sells Scrable art and had a giggle with him trying to find a ring with my letter initial on. I was supposed to be purchasing gifts for others, but had now resided to just buying for myself, to which the chap found very amusing!

With just half an hour left of the show, I finally found my Twitter buddies “Amos and Toms Popcorn” in the food court.
We regularly network online and it was so nice to put faces to names! Had a lovely natter and giggle with Melanie and her partner and sampled some of their yummy popcorn.
I went away with three bags containing banoffee, cherry bakewell and cheesy flavoured popcorn, nom nom nom!
Looking forward to seeing them again at Driffield Show later in the year.

Sadly the show was now drawing to an end and it was time to make our way home.
We took a leisurely stroll back towards the main entrance/exit, upon where we returned to see Hannah at Urban Earth to collect our purchases from earlier in the day.

We chatted for a few minutes and there were some other gentleman there too. They asked if I was worn out now and I replied “No, I’m used to it after my charity walk!”
I then proceeded to tell them all about our recent charity walk for Hayden’s Sanctuary Project and Acorns Children’s Hospice and one of them kindly donated £5, before heading off home himself, bless his heart!! People can be so very kind, it fills me with pride and joy and was a really lovely way to end our day at the show!

We’re already looking forward to the Autumn edition in September, see you all there!