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This year we were lucky enough to have the chance to visit the renowned Great Yorkshire Show for ourselves! It’s been a few years since I visited personally, so was really looking forward to it as it’s such a fun day out for all ages!

The Great Yorkshire Show (in it’s 157th year) is England’s premier agricultural show held annually at the Great Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate. Spread across three marvelous days, it’s an important date on the social calendar each year.
There are competitive classes, which are a spectacular showcase for excellence, particularly the cattle and pig parades!

Throughout the day there is so much to see; from the Poultry and Falcon displays, the Gundog and Hound Demonstrations, Showjumping, the Shetland Pony Grand National, the many Sheep and Goats, Pole Climbing Championships, Fashion and Food Shows, Cars and Machinery, the choice is endless!

With so much ground to cover and things we wanted to see at the show, we had our work cut out for us. The world and his wife seemed to be at the show when we arrived, but I didn’t expect anything less.
The show brings thousands of people from across the country and even THE globe each year, but visiting the show alone, meant I could weave through the crowds at my own pace!

We headed in through the Blue Entrance and was immediately greeted by craft stalls lining the walkway into the ground. Just a few hundred yards down on my left were the two towering tree trunks being used for the Pole Climbing Championships. This was good, I really wanted to see this event and was delighted I’d stumbled upon it almost immediately. However there was wood carving taking place at the time, so I meandered further into the showground and would return to the poles later in the day.

On entering the ground, I’d purchased a show programme, mainly so I had a map of the ground with me at all times, as time was of the essence and I wanted to see as much as possible.
I decided to have a little wander amongst some of the stalls and food stands and shortly after, stopped to enjoy a hot Roast Beef sandwich with gravy and a cold beverage. It was a little cloudy for some of the day (the sunshine came out mid afternoon), but it was very warm! Whilst enjoying my refreshments, I chatted to a group of elderly people who seemed to be thoroughly enjoying their day too.

After lunch, I headed for the Main Ring to see the Shetland Pony Grand National which was lots of fun! Then on to see the pigs, sheep and goats, but not before stopping for a Yorkshire Dales ice cream (yes, with a flake!) and sitting on the hill in front of the Pig Ring to enjoy both ice cream and sunshine that had now decided to peep out from behind the clouds. Many others seemed to have the same idea and quite rightly so!

I particularly spent a bit of time in the Goat Building because they were just so cute and playful! Some of them were trying to unbolt themselves and escape, they were so naughty, it was so funny!
The pigs I saw were huge, which you’ll see from our pictures. Some wanting a good scratch, some fast asleep having none of it, others shouting the odds and sniffing about for food and another on his hind legs resting up on his gate looking about at everyone! They must have had enough by now I thought, with the show’s third day in it’s final stretch now, bless them.

After spending time with the animals, I headed back up to watch the Pole Climbing Championships Final which was a grand spectacle indeed! They shot up those poles like lightening, in record times! Really great to watch, have a look at our Facebook page for a video.

We then did some more exploring, browsing several marquees and craft stalls, purchasing a few bits and bobs on the way, although practically everything we saw on our travels, we loved!

I thought I’d found myself a bit lost and had long stopped referring to my map, but to my delight, I seemed to have accidentally stumbled into the car section!
Me being an only child and very much a Daddy’s girl, I share the same passion as my father for cars! Again, from our pictures you’ll see, we saw some fabulous motors; from vintage and classic cars to off road vehicles and super cars!
Also on display was of course all the fantastic farming machinery and tractors galore. There was a Vintage Tractor display and lots of working traction engines on show too, which is also on our Facebook page.

Being a big kid, I took the opportunity to go on the big wheel before I left the show! It was spectacular from up there, giving panoramic views across the showground. You really felt like you were on top of the world! The ride on there took up the best part of half an hour, but was worth every minute!

Back on terra firma, we headed back towards the Main Ring to catch a glimpse of the Showjumping, the horses and the Marching Band, before having to head off to catch my train home!

I really had a fantastic day and saw most of the exhibits in the limited time I had there, barring the food halls, so a good and productive day all round!

If you’ve never been before, I’d highly recommend. A fun day out for all the family!

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