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This month saw the very first Tour de Yorkshire, as Yorkshire played host once again to an exciting bicycle race through the picturesque county of Yorkshire.
It took place on May 1st-3rd and we were lucky enough to catch up with Stage 2 in York.

We arrived in the City centre around 2.30pm and made our way down to Tadcaster Road, close by to where we had parked. Crowds were lining the main road and as I walked a bit further down, I found a free space alongside the barriers to stand and take photos when the race came by.

A short while later, we heard whistles being sounded, which signified the race entering York. Moments later police motorcycles whizzed by, closely followed by the team cars. Seconds later the race came whizzing out of Knavesmire road and turned right up Tadcaster road. The riders were now racing up hill towards me and I was in a prime spot to capture some phenomenal shots as the cyclists dashed by in a matter of seconds!
It was a delightful sea of colour as the riders approached uphill. At the end of the peloton came more team cars along with a couple of stragglers whom we encouragingly cheered on up the hill.

The crowd then started to make their way down to Knavesmire Road where the race would be completed by a sprint to the finish line after 3 laps around the City centre first.
I found a spot just beyond the finish line to stand and wait for the race to arrive. The crowd was thick with people of all ages, children, cyclists, elderly people alike and a sense of team spirit was felt in the air. Lovely to see so many out in support despite the drizzly, damp, chilly weather.
There were marquees and big screens on the Knavesmire, but I patiently waited in spot for a glimpse of the winner as they crossed the finish line.

As the race neared the finish and the riders were on the final sprint, the noise of the crowd became louder. Everybody’s arms went up in the air, cameras and phones poised for the perfect picture.
I stood on my tip toes and proceeded to capture some burst shots on my phone and just hoped for the best!
To my amazement, I got some brilliant shot of Moreno Hofland as he crossed the finish line, arms stretched out wide in celebration of winning Stage 2 of the Tour de Yorkshire.

After the race there was a presentation ceremony for the Winner, Fastest Sprinter, King of the Mountain etc. The final recipient was from Great Britain and the crowd went wild! It was a truly enjoyable afternoon and the celebrations continued long into the evening with activities such as Bishy Road street party.

Our great county can once again be proud of what we have achieved and we hope this is the first of many Tour de Yorkshire’s!

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