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With 2016 drawing to a close, we look back on the year with fond memories at some of the great sporting, historic and life events that all took place in 2016.
It was a phenomenal year for many and a successful one in particular for TeamGB out in Rio for the Summer Olympics, to name but one of many memorable events and success stories of 2016!

With success in mind, this called for celebration and what better way to celebrate the year than on New Year’s Eve with a right royal knees up of a party!

For the second year running, I was lucky enough to attend our New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner and Disco at The Kimberley as a guest and a pleasure it was too!

The scene was set for a sparkling and delectable night of New Year’s dining, dancing and debauchery (of the classy kind of course!), we are not THAT sort of establishment!

On arrival we were greeted with delicious canapes and a glass of my favourite fizz, Kir Royale.
We also met more friends at the Hotel who were joining us for the NYE celebrations.

I love these occasions, for reasons like this, bringing friends together from far and wide over the festive season, to laugh and joke and enjoy good food and drink around a table together, there’s just nothing better!

Shortly after, we were seated in the Restaurant for our Gala Dinner, where the tables were dressed in white and gold and looking very elegant indeed.


We began with our starters, which of course none of us could remember who was having what, after selecting our choices several weeks previous!
I have been on the other side of this scenario as a waitress serving before and it’s frustrating, but amusing for both parties!

Here we have the Artichoke and Mushroom Veloute and the Goats Cheese Bon Bons and some delicious homemade bread.


After arguing over who was having what, we finally tucked into said starters, which were all delicious and kept us all quiet and out of mischief, for a short while anyway!

Accompanying us during dinner was an Electric Guitarist, playing hits from the 50s right through the Decades.
He was great and got the crowd singing along and even got some up dancing towards the end of his set and after dinner!

After the starters, we were given a mini Cherry Sorbet with Kirsch Cherries each to cleanse the palate before mains.

Whilst we awaited mains, we opened our NYE favours boxes, which everyone had in front of their table setting. Each box contained a streamer, a party horn, a party popper and a long balloon that you have to blow up through a mini straw and then you let it go and it flies off in all directions, making a silly raspberry/whining noise as it’s going down; they’re lots of fun!
Last year they were a real ice breaker, getting people in the party spirit and resulted in half the restaurant in fits of laughter, as they’d fly off in all directions and land on people’s heads or nearby tables, but this year they were somewhat less well received, so we put away until after dinner.

Out came the mains which were simply divine! Here was my Fillet of Beef, which was so succulent and juicy and cooked to utter perfection!


To follow, I had a Raspberry, Milk and White Chocolate Mille Feuille for dessert, a delectable treat to finish off a wonderful meal with!


Tea and Coffee and Petit Fours followed, by which time Derek the DJ was in full swing pumping out the party tunes for us to disco dance the night away to into 2017!


As midnight drew near, we charged our Champagne flutes ready for Big Ben’s chimes.
As the clock struck twelve, we wished one another a Happy New Year, exchanged hugs and kisses with loved ones and proceeded to cross and link arms and sing the traditional Auld Lang Syne to see in the New Year!

The Disco and celebrations continued through to 1am and we’d all had a wonderful night, staff included as we celebrated another year passing and a new one beginning.

From all of us at The Kimberley Hotel, we wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
All the best for 2017, make it your best year yet!