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The Emmerdale Studio Experience in Leeds is a brilliant day out for any avid Emmerdale fan and is situated just 30 minutes from us here in Harrogate.

The Burley Road studios were home to many iconic sets from the well loved soap for over ten years.
Whilst the majority of filming now takes place at Kirkstall Road, the studios here at Burley Road now house secrets from some of the soap’s biggest storylines!

Our tour was around 90 minutes, but was the last one of the day, (we think it should have been around 2 hours) so we would perhaps advise getting to an earlier one, to ensure you get a little longer in the experience.

We had a personal guide taking us around the tour for the afternoon, telling us all the tricks of the trade.
We got to find out more on some of the soap’s biggest storylines of late, how they are put together and then filmed.

We went through Hair and Make-Up, where we were shown how they do Ross’s make-up with his recent ‘acid attack’ storyline and more!

There are so many fabulous canvases around the tour too with some brilliant snaps of the nation’s best loved characters and families, here is one of our favourites.

There was some brilliant memorabilia and costumes worn by past and present actors on display and this we think, could possibly be the nation’s favourite!

We were shown how they control the lighting within the studio to reflect how it might look with natural daylight coming in from outside for example and we were then given the opportunity to have a go at controlling the lighting ourselves!

During the tour, we sat and watched VTs with actors from the show and the show’s writers and producers talking and telling us how things had been done, from some of the show’s most memorable scenes.
We won’t spoil it too much, as we don’t want to ruin the surprise or secrets for those keen to visit!

We were allowed exclusive access into the Dingles front room and could have our picture taken on the sofa, just like the real on screen Dingle family!

We were then shown a miniature version of the street as it would look from the outside, since the outside shots are filmed on location at the purpose built village at Harewood House.

Lastly, we got to explore the Woolpack, pull a (pretend) pint behind the bar and even call time by ringing the bell!

Fab day out and fun for all the family. To find out more, visit their website or tweet them @EmmerdaleExp

NB: There is also a full cafe where we enjoyed lunch before the tour and there is a gift shop in the form of ‘David’s Shop’ to browse in, before or after the tour.