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You spend the day exploring in the warm summer sun. Browsing the shops, sipping coffee in the shade of a friendly cafe. As the shadows lengthen, you amble back to the hotel for a long hot bath. You breathe deeply and look around. The beautifully arranged tiles. The spacious, minimalist bathroom. The luxurious, queen-sized bed. And you think, ‘why can’t my home be like this?’

Well, it can. The bedroom is the spiritual centre of the home. It should be your refuge, your sanctuary – the place where all your stresses can vanish at the end of a long day. There are a few key ways to transform this space into something worthy of a luxury hotel…

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Secrets of a Sound Night’s Sleep

It all begins with the bed. Choosing a high quality mattress and soft fabrics is a tested way of making your bed a comfortable place to sleep well. Large, square cushions, satin sheets, and a mixture of fabric covers complete the luxury hotel feel.

Scented candles can bring back memories of happy holidays and relieve stress. Choose something that matches the season – light fruits for the summer, and maybe some nutmeg or spices for colder months. If you’re not sure about candle flames, sprays and diffusers can work wonders too.

Fresh flowers will also bring a bedroom to life. Plants boost mood and mental wellbeing, as well as throwing a lovely burst of colour into the room. Decorative plants are one thing, but try having fresh flowers in vases. Just remember to change the water to make them last longer!

A Mind Free from Clutter

Hotel rooms excel at creating a large amount of storage with a small amount of space. The key to this is efficiency. Look into getting bespoke fitted furniture to maximise your storage. By having bedroom furniture like drawers, dressers and wardrobes made to measure, you can get rid of unnecessary gaps and create a truly unique space for your home.

Furniture designers like Hartleys Bedrooms are adept at designing and fitting bespoke furniture that seamlessly slots into the room. So you can make the most of every square inch to ensure nothing is wasted, nothing is overlooked, but without the result feeling cluttered and cramped.
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The Finishing Touches…

To put the final tweaks to your hotel ambience, use lighting to adjust the mood of your bedroom. Mix uplights, spotlights and lamps to create a warm, cosy atmosphere or something more sleek and modern. Don’t forget lighting at the bedside table either – elegant sconces look beautiful and let you relax with some bedtime reading.

Finally, remember that fabrics belong on the walls as well as the covers. If you’re looking for something dark, warm and wintry, consider heavy drapes for your windows. Want a bright summer vibe? Thinner curtains help bring the light in and create a sunny, airy space.

Ultimately, only you will have an idea of the kind of room you want and what will work with the space you have. But put a few of these tips into action and you’ll soon transform your bedroom from mundane into a beautiful, luxury room a hotel would be proud of.