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With the Big Day just days away, there’s still plenty of time to get those last minute Christmas bits, or even begin your Christmas shopping, should you not have done so yet (which I know will be many)!

After years of practise, I buy throughout the year, so come Christmas, there’s just little nick nacks to get for people and I can enjoy the festivities, rather than stress about present shopping and finding that perfect gift.

As we will all know, it’s always when you’re not looking for something that you find something truly wonderful!

I headed over to friends in Headingley late afternoon last Saturday armed with Xmas Jumpers for us all to wear! My friends either hate me or are really good at humouring me! Either way, they knew they were going to have to wear one, but surprisingly they got right in the spirit, boys included, one of whom picked the elf dress with bells on, suit you Sir!


We took a taxi into the City centre around tea time in high Christmas spirits and were greatly looking forward to evening market shenanigans ahead!

On arriving at the market we headed straight to a fried cheese chalet that one of my friend’s had been telling me about on the way. It sounded amazing and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it before as I love the likes of deep fried Brie and so on!
There were all sorts of different selections on offer, most of them on long wooden skewers; from mushrooms and cheese, ham and cheese to just vegetables or onion rings and mozzarella sticks.
I (eyes bigger than belly as always) opted for both the mushroom and cheese and a salami and cheese skewer.
I’m sure they seemed smaller behind the counter but they were huge when the lady handed them over to me out of the frier!
They were also served with a selection of sauce. The name of the sauce I had now escapes me, but it was very nice, not too disimilar to a thousand island dressing.
Here was my friend Becky’s plain cheese skewer.


To my dismay however, I now had no hands free to shop! We walked a little further and round the corner where we saw some tables and long benches, so we stopped here to eat our skewers.
It had been heavily raining just before we arrived at the market, so unfortunately we were left to stand, which was preferable to a soggy bottom, had we sat!

I managed one and a half of my skewers, then on we continued, conveniently coming to the mulled wine and hot chocolate chalet next.
As always at these markets, I get carried away and excited and go straight in for the most interesting sounding drink on offer, so I chose Mulled Wine with Amaretto, Rum and Cream.
It was served in a Franfurter mug, which you paid a £3 deposit on and could either keep or return for your deposit back.
The drink was £5.50 and the mug was small, so initially it was £8.50 for the drink! I was thankful that later I was driving, as at those prices, I wouldn’t be having many if I wasn’t driving anyway!

It’s a captive audience and they certainly know how to charge at these places. Our next find was white and milk chocolate covered marshmallows and fruit.
I chose a white chocloate covered strawberry and marshmallow skewer. £4! It was nice, but a nice price too. I spend money like it’s going out of fashion at the best of times, but I recall saying to the marshamallow chalet ladies, “I’m going to have to print some more money!”.


Still we remained in high festive spirits and we knew what to expect with prices, but in true Yorkshire-man style, it never fails to shock me how much things cost sometimes!

On we went, meandering around the market, where there was live music and also a big chalet designed like an alpine ski lodge, which of course was the main bar!

It’s not overly big, but has a few rows of chalets to it, with the usual beautifully crafted traditional German Christmas bits on offer amongst other various bits and bobs.

market-gift1 market-gift2 market-gift
It was more for a wander than to buy anything and there were a few bits I spotted that I had already bought from craft shows in the Summer, for example at the Harrogate Flower Show and Great Yorkshire Show.

Halfway around, we debated a go on the Carousel, but at £3 each and the speed it was going, we didn’t bother in the end. It was making us dizzy just watching it, so on we pondered, coming to a fab stall that sold personalised pegs!

Don’t ask me why, but I love pegs and collect them, so revelled in the fact I could buy personalised ones and formed somewhat of a queue with my excitement and mass order of pegs!
I drew quite a lot of custom to what was previously a quiet empty stall with my peg-happiness!


Next it was time for a giant long Bratwurst sausage and when I say long, I mean LONG!
I ended up sharing mine with one of the girls, one was definitely
enough between two after my cheese and marshmallow skewers collectively!


We did a couple more laps around the chalets and stalls, whilst enjoying and singing along to the live music and bought a couple of bits, which I can’t tell you about in case the family read this! Pics to follow on those after Christmas, but ornamental, pretty trinket type bits.

All in all an absolutely cracking evening out with friends and there’s even a few fair rides and stalls just out of the market to enjoy and also a life size snow globe that four of you can go in and play around in, but again at a delightful cost of £8!

The market is still on until December 18th, so head on over, we’d highly recommend, but wrap up warm and take plenty of cash!