Bringing the Hotel Feel to Your Home

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You spend the day exploring in the warm summer sun. Browsing the shops, sipping coffee in the shade of a friendly cafe. As the shadows lengthen, you amble back to the hotel for a long hot bath. You breathe deeply and look around. The beautifully arranged tiles. The spacious, minimalist bathroom. The luxurious, queen-sized bed. And you think, ‘why can’t my home be like this?’

Well, it can. The bedroom is the spiritual centre of the home. It should be your refuge, your sanctuary – the place where all your stresses can vanish at the end of a long day. There are a few key ways to transform this space into something worthy of a luxury hotel…

HART Chelsea Cameo 4

Secrets of a Sound Night’s Sleep

It all begins with the bed. Choosing a high quality mattress and soft fabrics is a tested way of making your bed a comfortable place to sleep well. Large, square cushions, satin sheets, and a mixture of fabric covers complete the luxury hotel feel.

Scented candles can bring back memories of happy holidays and relieve stress. Choose something that matches the season – light fruits for the summer, and maybe some nutmeg or spices for colder months. If you’re not sure about candle flames, sprays and diffusers can work wonders too.

Fresh flowers will also bring a bedroom to life. Plants boost mood and mental wellbeing, as well as throwing a lovely burst of colour into the room. Decorative plants are one thing, but try having fresh flowers in vases. Just remember to change the water to make them last longer!

A Mind Free from Clutter

Hotel rooms excel at creating a large amount of storage with a small amount of space. The key to this is efficiency. Look into getting bespoke fitted furniture to maximise your storage. By having bedroom furniture like drawers, dressers and wardrobes made to measure, you can get rid of unnecessary gaps and create a truly unique space for your home.

Furniture designers like Hartleys Bedrooms are adept at designing and fitting bespoke furniture that seamlessly slots into the room. So you can make the most of every square inch to ensure nothing is wasted, nothing is overlooked, but without the result feeling cluttered and cramped.
HART contemporary1

The Finishing Touches…

To put the final tweaks to your hotel ambience, use lighting to adjust the mood of your bedroom. Mix uplights, spotlights and lamps to create a warm, cosy atmosphere or something more sleek and modern. Don’t forget lighting at the bedside table either – elegant sconces look beautiful and let you relax with some bedtime reading.

Finally, remember that fabrics belong on the walls as well as the covers. If you’re looking for something dark, warm and wintry, consider heavy drapes for your windows. Want a bright summer vibe? Thinner curtains help bring the light in and create a sunny, airy space.

Ultimately, only you will have an idea of the kind of room you want and what will work with the space you have. But put a few of these tips into action and you’ll soon transform your bedroom from mundane into a beautiful, luxury room a hotel would be proud of.

Dragon’s Den Theo Paphitis recognises The Kimberley Hotel in National Award

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Harrogate based business The Kimberley Hotel gets a Twitter Boost from Dragon’s Den Theo Paphitis!

We are hugely honoured and immensely thrilled to have been one of Theo’s handpicked winners for this Small Business Sunday award last week.
We can’t wait to meet him and many more of the SBS Winners at the annual event in February! kim win 2

A Harrogate based firm has received a business boost from Retail Entrepreneur Theo Paphitis.
Last week, the Social Media Manager at The Kimberley Hotel, which is a family owned business, tweeted Theo about their business during ‘Small Business Sunday’ and was one of six weekly winners to gain a retweet by Theo to his 500,000 Twitter followers!
The weekly initiative, set up by Theo in 2010, now has 1700 #SBS winners and supports small businesses in the UK.

Business and retail entrepreneur and self-confessed Shopkeeper, Theo re‐tweeted The Kimberley Hotel’s tweet to his almost 500,000 followers and as a result, has seen a surge of interest and traffic, more followers and an increase in sales. They are also profiled on the #SBS website ( that is exclusive to all Small Business Sunday winners.

The Kimberley Hotel said, “We’ve been in the Hospitality and Tourism trade for many years now, but with the increase in larger hotels in Harrogate, we strive to keep The Kimberley firmly visible on the Harrogate hotel map proving small businesses like ourselves can compete with the big boys! It is great to have support from Theo because he has recognised our hard work and helped spread the word about what we do to his following.”Keep_calm_SBS
Small business champion and Ryman Stationery, Robert Dyas and Boux Avenue Chairman, Theo Paphitis, said: “We are thrilled to welcome new #SBS members every week and highlight just how important it is to support our small businesses here in the UK. My vision is that everyone who has ever won an #SBS re-tweet from me becomes part of a friendly club; like-minded individuals who can share successes and learnings. The website and Shop #SBS will also give a valuable profile to the winners chosen and I wish The Kimberley Hotel every success.”sbs (1)
#SBS Winners now also have access to the exclusive members’ selling platform where hundreds of winners are already selling thousands of products, from unique gifts and bespoke furniture to pet toys or jewellery. It is another opportunity for the #SBS winners to turn tweets into sbs

Anyone looking for a re‐tweet from Theo should tweet him about their business on Sunday between 5 PM and 7.30 PM and include the hashtag #SBS. Six lucky businesses are re‐tweeted every Monday at 8 PM and then invited to enter their profile on the new website, attend the annual #SBS networking event and take advantage of the networking opportunities.



Queen of Hospitality_F

Tour De Yorkshire 2017

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Now in it’s third year, the Tour de Yorkshire returned to God’s Own County, seeing Harrogate being made a finishing town once again for Stage 2 of the 2017 race.

After witnessing the spectacle of the race from previous years, we couldn’t be more excited to see it finish in Harrogate again!
This time we hoped for a fairytale finish, without the repeat performance of the heartbreak of Mark Cavendish’s fall from the Tour de France in 2014.

The whole county has gotten behind TDY again this year and the buzz in the air has been plain to see and feel in the run up to the race, with villages and towns adorned in blue and yellow bunting, flags and painted bicycles in honour of the race!


We truly are blessed in Yorkshire with some fabulous countryside and stunning scenery, providing a picture perfect backdrop for this huge sporting event.
As lucky as we feel to host such a wonderful event, we think the riders must feel equally blessed to be riding through such glorious landscapes too!

As Saturday arrived, it brought with it, dry mild weather, not too cold, not too hot, perfect cycling weather!
There was all sorts happening throughout the day in Harrogate, including a party on The Stray with big screens, live music, food and drink, craft stalls and cycling activities a plenty!
On Crescent Gardens, just outside the Valley Gardens, was a Street Food Festival, with global cuisine from quirky food vendors, a Prosecco van and glitter facepainting, inclusive with a DJ spinning some funky house to get everyone in the party spirit!

18274826_10155068184785937_3484261108311622186_n 18221861_10155068185320937_143107667310287927_n 18222561_10155068186100937_1163105894227412774_n 18221573_10155068185735937_2746528885912941818_n 18199084_10155068185315937_534416482535306396_n18268583_10155068186580937_4581259776801807233_n

The whole family had come out for the occasion and it was lovely to see everyone coming together as a community, having a giggle and joining in the fun.

The first race of the day was the ladies race, with an amazing sprint and finish from Yorkshire born winner Lizzie Deignan.

The Peloton, or in fact any of the other riders were nowhere in sight, as Lizzie came powering up Montpellier Hill towards the finish line.
She had a stong outright lead, checking back over her shoulder for oncoming competitors as she approached the finish line and seeing nobody there, ploughed on, pushing herself and what must have been by now, very tired legs!

With a cheeky smile on her face as she crossed the finish line, the Harrogate crowd went wild, celebrating Lizzie’s win with her and we felt so proud that the first winner of the day was British and not only that, but a Yorkshire-woman herself!


We loudly cheered and clapped her win as she took to the winner’s podium to receive her trophys, jerseys and flowers.
We have no doubt her favourite was the petrified glued-together Yorkshire Pudding trophy – Epic!

Next up was the men’s race a few hours later, giving local residents, visitors and tourists a chance to soak up the Tour de Yorkshire atmosphere and enjoy the day’s entertainment around the town.
As the men’s race drew closer, the crowds grew thicker, each one trying to gain the best viewing spot on the roadside as they awaited the culmination of Stage 2 on the finish line on Parliament Street.

It was around 5pm when the riders arrived in Harrogate and with only 1KM to go, the crowd were up for it and the noise was electric.

The final climb was heavy, with many cyclists fighting for their place in the race.
As the Peloton reached iconic Betty’s Tea Rooms, Men’s Stage 2 Winner, Nacer Bouhanni made his winning break and sprinted his way to the finish line. As the crowd cheered him on, banging their hands on the barriers lining the race track, Nacer crossed the line with his arms in the air, elated with his victory!


Swiftly after crossing the line, Bouhanni dismounted his bike and dropped to the floor, overwhelmed, taking in his win, whilst catching his breath back after a sensational, exhilerating and exciting Stage 2 race!
Sadly there were no Brits in the top 3 of the Men’s race, but that didn’t matter as we cheered on the winners all the same, with their thoroughly deserved collective successes of the day.

It had been another historic day of cycle racing and it wasn’t over yet as the Street Food Festival and Stray party were set to continue late into Saturday night!

We headed back to The Stray for a “boogie ‘n’ a bevvie” and a general wander.
On the way, I thought it was my lucky day as one of the race officials came walking towards us with a bunch of flowers, but the flowers passed straight in front of us and were handed to a lady walking nearby. She was a bit chuffed to say the least and although quietly disappointed they weren’t for me (who am I kidding, not even the OH buys me flowers), it was lovely to witness this kind gesture.

We enjoyed viewing beautiful Art on The Stray by Lucy Pittaway, one of which epitomised the stunning scenery with the cyclists riding through the brilliantly bright yellow fields along the Tour de Yorkshire route!

18199202_10155068187450937_5566419681755463178_n 18222559_10155068187475937_6548763904021939847_n

We had a good wander around the other stalls too and stopped to take in the awesome Yorkshire Water advert on the big screen. If you’ve not yet seen it, you simply must check it out, we love it, but then we are slightly biased!

There was some lovely live music and lots of fab things happening, with even more street food vendors and a bar here too, with live music happening late into the night, including a Robbie Williams tribute act!

They had ‘Specialized’ bikes to try out, with people whizzing up and down on them having a whole heap of fun. They looked beasty with fat wheels! I hear they’re the best in the biking world. I also hear you can buy a car for the price they are too, eek! I wonder if they do ones with baskets on for little old ladies in the making like myself!

We even got our pic taken in the official Tour de Yorkshire frame when we spent time chatting to some fab folk on one of the stalls!


On a serious note though, the Tour de Yorkshire has brought health, wealth, tourism and an injection of life into Harrogate and the positive impact it has had on the community is simply astounding.
More people than ever are now getting on their bikes and are inspired thanks to this race alone.

We’d also like to finish by giving a special mention to the official Tour de Yorkshire TV advert for creating such an inspiring film, proving you’re never too old to “Get on yer bike!”
If you’ve not yet seen it, check it out here:

For the full classifications, further results and TDY info, click here:

We’re already looking forward to Tour de Yorkshire 2018 and hope you all are too!

Harrogate Flower Show – Spring 2017

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We were so very excited to be returning to the Spring Flower Show in Harrogate once more this year after being frequent visitors for the last few years now!
We love it, it’s one of our favourite shows and we attend both Spring and Autumn editions as they’re just so fabulous!

This year was no different!

We were taking a friend along with us for their very first visit to the show this year and having never visited anything like this before and being very much a man’s man, he was somewhat apprehensive of what a day out at a flower show was going to entail!
It’s safe to say he possibly enjoyed himself even more than me, but more on that a bit later!

It was Day 3 of the Flower Show and we’d been blessed with the most promising weather of the weekend so far! It was lovely and warm in the yummy Yorkshire sunshine, but there was a definite brisk chill to air when in the shade, so we were glad of our coats, but when the sun did come out, they were swiftly off once again and in true British Summer style, we made the most of the afternoon rays!


After some tip offs and advice from exhibitors, visitors, bloggers and associates alike, we headed straight for the Gardening Hall to view the fabulous fashion and “HortCouture” on display by Jenny Gillies – a sensational fashion designer and exhibiton all the way from ChristChurch New Zealand! The Press shots we’d seen in the week leading upto the Flower Show of Jenny’s work were phenomenal and with me having a trip planned to New Zealand too, this was high up on my list of priorities to see.

On our way through the brand new Yorkshire Events Centre, we managed to do a swift half lap of the new Plant Pavillion for Spring 2017, taking in delightful Daffodils, brilliant Bonsai trees, sensational shrubbery and fabulous foliage!


We’d been advised to go see The Christchurch Collection as soon as we arrived at the show in an attempt to beat the crowds and get a good look.
Unfortunately it appeared everyone had the same idea, so we proceeded to play an awkward game of dodge the camera, as everyone frantically scurried to get their kodak moments, whilst snapping as minimal people as possible in the background of their photos, simultaneously!
It got quite comical at one point, with my friend standing frozen between a group of ladies and flowery dresses! I’m sure he was secretly in his element though!

Here are some of our fave pics, see them all on our Facebook page, link below.

18157063_10155040366760937_539084039878035874_n 18119338_10155040365905937_1039365392380017963_n

After spending time soaking up the gorgeous designs by Jenny, we explored the rest of the Gardening Hall, stopping for a quick natter at the Visit Harrogate and Harrogate in Bloom stand and admiring the astonishing “Green Room” – a firm favourite with the Show’s visitors this year and a huge pink sparkly Stiletto! The pictures says more than we ever could. Simply STUNNING!

18119143_10155040365575937_444988849691588791_n 18158009_10155040365535937_3358191969175209784_n 18119095_10155040365605937_7331911150351512924_n18056715_10155040365685937_2589883886000399378_n

Exiting the Gardening Hall from the side entrance, we found ourselves at the start of the Show Gardens.
This was perfect, as next on our To-Do list was the Magic Roundabout inspired garden by Horticap; a charity providing education in horticulture for adults with learning disabilities in Harrogate & the surrounding district.


We’d seen pictures on Social Media and it was even better in the flesh. Not only was it visually magical, but it played music too, the Magic Roundabout theme tune of course!
It evoked childhood memories and made us feel happy and infant like once more! It was colourful, inspired and relaxing and was accessible for children and adults of all ages.
We were also able to see how Horticap’s work directly impacted in such a positive way on the people of Harrogate’s lives.
They had a big bench at the front of their garden where you could have your picture taken, which of course we couldn’t reisit and being nicknamed Dee, getting a selfie with Zebadee was a definite highlight of my day; big kids at heart!


On we went, viewing Askham Bryan College’s Award-Winning Garden, spending time chatting to them about the design and what certain pieces within it represented.
Being a Yorkie too, I was delighted to see them take a Silver Award for their stunning work!



Next up was Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre’s Garden, complete with Simba the Lion, since Henshaws stands on the old Knaresborough Zoo site, where we were told that the residents of Harrogate used to say they could hear the Lion roar! Read more on what Henshaw’s has to offer here:



Neighbouring Henshaws, was a lovely piece from the lads at HMP Kirk Levington Grange – Growing Reform with a concept garden entitled “There’s Water Under The Bridge”. My friend chatted to the Artyculturals (the gardeners’ collective name!), whilst I took pictures, where I particularly loved the spectacular hand welded trees! It was wonderful to see something so positive come out of their time spent at Kirk Levington Grange and we felt a great sense of pride for them as they truly outdid themselves and indeed did themselves immensely proud with their contribution!


We really enjoyed viewing the Brain Research Garden and spent time here chatting to the one of the team and her little helper, who was scurrying about handing out leaflets on the Research Centre and looked to be thoroughly enjoying herself!


We loved how they’d recreated sections of the brain within their show garden and they explained each coloured section to us, along with the corresponing plants for each section, so for example; Sight, there were many visually vibrant and colourful flowers; Movement, here there were lots of tall plants that waved and danced merrily in the light Spring breeze; Memory, plants like Forget-Me-Nots and Rhubarb which some will remember from their grandparents’ gardens!
The water feauture ball in the centre represented the brain fluid connecting all the sections together and keeping the brain alive.


They received a well deserved Silver award for their garden and we were delighted for them. This was definitely one of our favourite show gardens of the day!

By now we were getting peckish and since some of my family were also at the Show that day, we decided to meet up with them, so headed upto the Gardener’s Rest Cafe for some lunch.

After refuelling we picked up where we left off on a sort of cross roads where there was the Yorkshire Clothing Company, Brass Band and my favourite stand from last year, Robert James Ltd.

After picking up some regal Ryedale stock at the Clothing Company, it was over to Robert James for a quick natter and look at all the stunners on display.
Their work is out of this world and based on the well known characters of Alice in Wonderland, Wind in the Willows and Winnie the Pooh to name a few!
On chatting, we realised it had been a whole year since we saw them last and quite frankly were flabergasted, as we could remember their stand from last year as though it was yesterday!


View more of Robert’s work on his website at

On leaving Robert James, we made our way round to the Food and Drink and Craft marquees, but not before stopping for a glass of Champagne daaarling!

On entering the Food Tent, we were pleasantly surprised to see Andy from Urban Herbs at the front of the Marquee, where everyone had to walk past, ensuring he was seen by many! He was extremely chuffed with his plot upgrade and it was great to see his stall so busy! Andy regularly stays with us at The Kimberley when exhibiting at local shows in the area, but sadly wasn’t with us on this occasion.
We had a good natter for a good while and Andy kindly let us choose some more herbs to take home to our ever expanding herb garden. We chose some interesting and yummy sounding ones such as, Catnep and Lemon Curd Thyme! The latter was supposed to go nice with chicken and as a topper on cheesecake! We’ll let you know how we get on!


Time was no longer on our side and we had less than an hour to go until closing time and there was still so much to see! We continued around the Food and Drink marquee, sampling and purchasing Sloe Gin and Strawberry Vodka from The Little Red Berry Company, Fudge from the stall next door, Stateside Treats, Nuts by ViPnuts, Munchy Seeds and Black Smoked Cheddar Cheese, this was a goooood tent!
We finished our Food and Drink round with a sample from and a chit chat with Slingsby’s Gin whom we stock at The Kimberley. We can personally recommend their Rhubarb Gin! It’s going to be huge this Summer!!


Next up was the Craft Marquee where I usually purchase many a Christmas present, yes even as early as April, but with us running out of time we had a quick gander then made our way into the neighbouring Floral Pavillion where there was further Floral Art on display.
One of the themes Florists had been tasked with was “Hitched & Stitched”, incorporating a wedding theme into their floral bouquets.
Colleges were asked to produce Floral Bonnets on open or closed car bonnets with their own interpretation and design creating a Va Va Bloom vibe!
Movies and Fashion played a big part at this year’s Spring show too, with Movie inspired pieces like Titanic, Ocean’s Eleven and Gone With The Wind on display.

car2 car titanic

The Floral Art pieces took their inspiration this year from four big name designers – Vivienne Westwood, Versace, Ralph Lauren and Chanel and boy these did not disappoint.
As one of the last things to see during our day at the show, they’d been worth the wait!

top shoes viv vivi shoes 2 green

We also enjoyed seeing the various music genres/decades interpreted as floral designs! Here are a couple of our faves!

hippy punk

For all the results, see here (don’t be put off by date, it is this year’s!):

It was sadly time to leave and although we hadn’t quite managed to see everything, we had done a lot and knew we would be returning in September for the Autumn Show, where we plan to do lots of Christmas craft shopping and see the giant vegetables of course, another highlight of the Autumn Flower Show!

For further Show highlights, see the official website:

We’ll leave you with a link to all of our pictures over on our Facebook page and hope to see lots of you at the Autumn Show!

Workout Well this Spring

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Get fit this Spring with this April workout from UK Outdoor Fitness in Harrogate!


Treat Mum this Mother’s Day & Win a Meal!!

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Competition Time!!!

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Have you entered our Facebook competition yet?

You can Win a night’s stay with us Bed and Breakfast in an Executive Bedroom with Chocolates and Prosecco on arrival and all you have to do is LIKE our Business page and LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT on the competition post.

Winner will be drawn when we reach 2500 likes, so get sharing folks and GOOD LUCK!!!

Happy New Year 2017

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With 2016 drawing to a close, we look back on the year with fond memories at some of the great sporting, historic and life events that all took place in 2016.
It was a phenomenal year for many and a successful one in particular for TeamGB out in Rio for the Summer Olympics, to name but one of many memorable events and success stories of 2016!

With success in mind, this called for celebration and what better way to celebrate the year than on New Year’s Eve with a right royal knees up of a party!

For the second year running, I was lucky enough to attend our New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner and Disco at The Kimberley as a guest and a pleasure it was too!

The scene was set for a sparkling and delectable night of New Year’s dining, dancing and debauchery (of the classy kind of course!), we are not THAT sort of establishment!

On arrival we were greeted with delicious canapes and a glass of my favourite fizz, Kir Royale.
We also met more friends at the Hotel who were joining us for the NYE celebrations.

I love these occasions, for reasons like this, bringing friends together from far and wide over the festive season, to laugh and joke and enjoy good food and drink around a table together, there’s just nothing better!

Shortly after, we were seated in the Restaurant for our Gala Dinner, where the tables were dressed in white and gold and looking very elegant indeed.


We began with our starters, which of course none of us could remember who was having what, after selecting our choices several weeks previous!
I have been on the other side of this scenario as a waitress serving before and it’s frustrating, but amusing for both parties!

Here we have the Artichoke and Mushroom Veloute and the Goats Cheese Bon Bons and some delicious homemade bread.


After arguing over who was having what, we finally tucked into said starters, which were all delicious and kept us all quiet and out of mischief, for a short while anyway!

Accompanying us during dinner was an Electric Guitarist, playing hits from the 50s right through the Decades.
He was great and got the crowd singing along and even got some up dancing towards the end of his set and after dinner!

After the starters, we were given a mini Cherry Sorbet with Kirsch Cherries each to cleanse the palate before mains.

Whilst we awaited mains, we opened our NYE favours boxes, which everyone had in front of their table setting. Each box contained a streamer, a party horn, a party popper and a long balloon that you have to blow up through a mini straw and then you let it go and it flies off in all directions, making a silly raspberry/whining noise as it’s going down; they’re lots of fun!
Last year they were a real ice breaker, getting people in the party spirit and resulted in half the restaurant in fits of laughter, as they’d fly off in all directions and land on people’s heads or nearby tables, but this year they were somewhat less well received, so we put away until after dinner.

Out came the mains which were simply divine! Here was my Fillet of Beef, which was so succulent and juicy and cooked to utter perfection!


To follow, I had a Raspberry, Milk and White Chocolate Mille Feuille for dessert, a delectable treat to finish off a wonderful meal with!


Tea and Coffee and Petit Fours followed, by which time Derek the DJ was in full swing pumping out the party tunes for us to disco dance the night away to into 2017!


As midnight drew near, we charged our Champagne flutes ready for Big Ben’s chimes.
As the clock struck twelve, we wished one another a Happy New Year, exchanged hugs and kisses with loved ones and proceeded to cross and link arms and sing the traditional Auld Lang Syne to see in the New Year!

The Disco and celebrations continued through to 1am and we’d all had a wonderful night, staff included as we celebrated another year passing and a new one beginning.

From all of us at The Kimberley Hotel, we wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
All the best for 2017, make it your best year yet!

A German Yorkshire Christmas!

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With the Big Day just days away, there’s still plenty of time to get those last minute Christmas bits, or even begin your Christmas shopping, should you not have done so yet (which I know will be many)!

After years of practise, I buy throughout the year, so come Christmas, there’s just little nick nacks to get for people and I can enjoy the festivities, rather than stress about present shopping and finding that perfect gift.

As we will all know, it’s always when you’re not looking for something that you find something truly wonderful!

I headed over to friends in Headingley late afternoon last Saturday armed with Xmas Jumpers for us all to wear! My friends either hate me or are really good at humouring me! Either way, they knew they were going to have to wear one, but surprisingly they got right in the spirit, boys included, one of whom picked the elf dress with bells on, suit you Sir!


We took a taxi into the City centre around tea time in high Christmas spirits and were greatly looking forward to evening market shenanigans ahead!

On arriving at the market we headed straight to a fried cheese chalet that one of my friend’s had been telling me about on the way. It sounded amazing and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it before as I love the likes of deep fried Brie and so on!
There were all sorts of different selections on offer, most of them on long wooden skewers; from mushrooms and cheese, ham and cheese to just vegetables or onion rings and mozzarella sticks.
I (eyes bigger than belly as always) opted for both the mushroom and cheese and a salami and cheese skewer.
I’m sure they seemed smaller behind the counter but they were huge when the lady handed them over to me out of the frier!
They were also served with a selection of sauce. The name of the sauce I had now escapes me, but it was very nice, not too disimilar to a thousand island dressing.
Here was my friend Becky’s plain cheese skewer.


To my dismay however, I now had no hands free to shop! We walked a little further and round the corner where we saw some tables and long benches, so we stopped here to eat our skewers.
It had been heavily raining just before we arrived at the market, so unfortunately we were left to stand, which was preferable to a soggy bottom, had we sat!

I managed one and a half of my skewers, then on we continued, conveniently coming to the mulled wine and hot chocolate chalet next.
As always at these markets, I get carried away and excited and go straight in for the most interesting sounding drink on offer, so I chose Mulled Wine with Amaretto, Rum and Cream.
It was served in a Franfurter mug, which you paid a £3 deposit on and could either keep or return for your deposit back.
The drink was £5.50 and the mug was small, so initially it was £8.50 for the drink! I was thankful that later I was driving, as at those prices, I wouldn’t be having many if I wasn’t driving anyway!

It’s a captive audience and they certainly know how to charge at these places. Our next find was white and milk chocolate covered marshmallows and fruit.
I chose a white chocloate covered strawberry and marshmallow skewer. £4! It was nice, but a nice price too. I spend money like it’s going out of fashion at the best of times, but I recall saying to the marshamallow chalet ladies, “I’m going to have to print some more money!”.


Still we remained in high festive spirits and we knew what to expect with prices, but in true Yorkshire-man style, it never fails to shock me how much things cost sometimes!

On we went, meandering around the market, where there was live music and also a big chalet designed like an alpine ski lodge, which of course was the main bar!

It’s not overly big, but has a few rows of chalets to it, with the usual beautifully crafted traditional German Christmas bits on offer amongst other various bits and bobs.

market-gift1 market-gift2 market-gift
It was more for a wander than to buy anything and there were a few bits I spotted that I had already bought from craft shows in the Summer, for example at the Harrogate Flower Show and Great Yorkshire Show.

Halfway around, we debated a go on the Carousel, but at £3 each and the speed it was going, we didn’t bother in the end. It was making us dizzy just watching it, so on we pondered, coming to a fab stall that sold personalised pegs!

Don’t ask me why, but I love pegs and collect them, so revelled in the fact I could buy personalised ones and formed somewhat of a queue with my excitement and mass order of pegs!
I drew quite a lot of custom to what was previously a quiet empty stall with my peg-happiness!


Next it was time for a giant long Bratwurst sausage and when I say long, I mean LONG!
I ended up sharing mine with one of the girls, one was definitely
enough between two after my cheese and marshmallow skewers collectively!


We did a couple more laps around the chalets and stalls, whilst enjoying and singing along to the live music and bought a couple of bits, which I can’t tell you about in case the family read this! Pics to follow on those after Christmas, but ornamental, pretty trinket type bits.

All in all an absolutely cracking evening out with friends and there’s even a few fair rides and stalls just out of the market to enjoy and also a life size snow globe that four of you can go in and play around in, but again at a delightful cost of £8!

The market is still on until December 18th, so head on over, we’d highly recommend, but wrap up warm and take plenty of cash!


World’s Biggest Coffee Morning 2016

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On Friday 30th September, we held our annual coffee morning in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support, joining others around the country in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.


We decided to hold ours all day from 8am to 6pm in Reception, replenishing the cakes and treats throughout the day for guests to enjoy at their leisure.

We had a lovely day for it as Harrogate was bathed in the morning Autumn sunshine and the green balloons danced merrily outside the main entrance.

Our staff had done a spectacular job of laying a lovely table, set up with cakes, scones and goodies just waiting to be tucked into and enjoyed!
We had the right idea holding our Coffee Morning up in Reception this year, as more people spotted us and lots of check ins and check outs enjoyed a nibble whilst in Reception.
At 11am, our Social Media Manager hosted a live #elevenseshour down in the Resident’s Lounge, where some local people we tweet to and network with online were able to pop by, say hi and enjoy face to face elevenses as opposed to the usual virtual one we all enjoy together on Twitter!


This was great fun and a great opportunity to build a more personal rapport with some fellow Harrogatonians and make some new professional relationships, all through eating cake together for Macmillan!

We ran our Coffee Day as we like to call it, late into the evening and we managed to receive a grand total of £160.80 in donations from both staff and members of the public alike, which isn’t bad going considering how many events were on in our town alone, let alone up and down the rest of the country!


We had also hoped for a few more people from Twitter to join us for #elevenseshour, but due to health and work commitments, sadly this wasn’t possible for some, but never the less, we had a fabulous day all the same and raised more money than last year, so we’re more than happy with that and we’re sure Macmillan are too.

Thank you to everyone who came along and also a huge thank you to our chefs and staff for all their hard work that went into our Coffee Morning, making it the success it was; everyone commented how yummy everything was, so give yourselves a round of applause for being star bakers!


We’re already looking forward to next year’s, but if you can’t wait til then, here’s a nifty little cake recipe from MacMillan, in keeping with Halloween!